The Only Celebrity Costumes We Care About Are These Excellent Nerdy Ones

Halloween isn’t until tomorrow, but many people did the party thing over the weekend. That means social media is practically overflowing with pictures of ridiculous, creative, and everything in between costumes—including many from celebrities. They dressed up like so many characters from pop culture, including Spider-Man and Princess Mononoke among others, we had to round up the best ones.

Rian Johnson, The Last Jedi director, and Karina Longworth, host of the You Must Remember This podcast, went Twin Peaks with their Diane and Agent Cooper costumes.

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Stephanie Beatriz of Brooklyn 99 dressed as America Chavez.

Bruce Willis and Stephen Eads as characters from The Shining.

Violett Beane of The Flash dressed as Princess Mononoke, with Eyelid Kid at her side as Ashitaka.

The future is clear It’s going to fall apart What’s the use worrying It’s inevitable -Miyazaki 🐺

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English actor Will Poulter dressed as Sid from Toy Story and shared his costume with a message about bullying.

Riverdale‘s KJ Apa went for the Spider-Man look, as documented by Camila Mendes in an Instagram Story (via

Dylan Sprouse opted to dress as Genos from One Punch Man.

Stranger Things costumes have to be somewhere in this post, right? Here’s Sarah Hyland and Wells Adam dressed as Dustin and Eleven.

#strangerthings have happened #happyhalloween

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National treasure Kristen Bell dressed as Elsa from Frozen to make her daughter happy.

When your daughter demands you BOTH be ELSA for Halloween…you GRIN AND FORKING BEAR IT. #halloween

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And Gwyneth Paltrow? Well, she killed Nerdoween with this Se7en costume.


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What are you wearing/did you wear for Halloween? Yes, you’re a celebrity in our eyes. Drop pictures to links in the comments or share your costume with us on Twitter at @nerdist and @amy_geek.

Featured Image: Disney/Marvel/Showtime

Amy Ratcliffe is an Associate Editor for Nerdist. Follow her on Twitter and keep up with her Disney food adventures on Instagram.

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