Hallmark Channel is Running a Christmas Movie Marathon This Weekend

The Hallmark Channel is known for its almost aggressive dedication to spreading Christmas cheer during the holiday season. Snow covered villages, Alpine getaways, busy business women who get stuck in small towns and meet the man of their dreams: the impressive roster of Hallmark Christmas movies has it all. During this tough time, the Hallmark Channel has decided that we all need a little Christmas in our lives. They are delivering it with a (second) all-weekend long Christmas movie marathon!

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Hallmark Channel

Last week saw the Hallmark Channel try out their plan. It seemed like it worked, spreading a little cheer around the internet. So this week the festive programmers are doubling up with two movie marathons on both the Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies and Mysteries. The two networks will run competing or — depending how you look at it — complimentary marathons. The Hallmark Channel’s 31 film session begins at noon CT on Friday with Christmas in Evergreen: Letters to Santa. Hallmark Movies and Mystery will get a small head start, beginning their 29 movie marathon at 11am ET with A Bramble House Christmas.

If you’re wondering why this is something that we’re covering, well, at the moment we all need something to smile about. And these saccharine and silly films center on love, luck, magic, and a little Christmas mayhem! Going into to this addictive new world of Hallmark Christmas movies there are a few things you should know: everyone has a job that is almost completely not feasible. The knitted sock designer? She lives in a loft in Manhattan. The boutique gift buyer? She’s a high powered business owner. The Santa-themed gift card painter? She sustains her entire family! It’s wish fulfillment in the purest sense, and if you see Santa in any capacity you can almost guarantee it’ll be the “real Santa” to teach someone a Christmas lesson.

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Hallmark Channel

Get your best stripy PJs on, pop some corn, make some eggnog, and embrace Christmas in March this weekend!

Header Image: Hallmark Channel

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