Grey Poupon Mustard Wine Is Officially a Thing

Advertising works. It just does. I know because even if I live 200 more years, on my space death bed I’ll still think Grey Poupon is the fanciest mustard in the universe. Those commercials with rich dudes in expensive cars asking each other if they had any of that (seemingly elegant) condiment worked on me a little too well. But even an iconic ad campaign has its limits. Because I’m going to need some convincing to drink Grey Poupon wine.

A bottle of Grey Poupon wine center of a table spread with food and decorationsThe Kraft Heinz Company

Have you ever had a glass of white wine and thought, “This is good, but I wish it was a little mustard-y.” Well, do we have good news for  you—along with a few questions. The Kraft Heinz Company has announced its new La Moutarde Vin, a beverage just for you. The company calls its limited-edition Grey Poupon-inspired concoction “the perfect wine for those who want to have their lunch and enjoy it too.”

Here’s how they describe it:

“Bright hints of spice, pronounced citrus and floral characteristics balanced by vibrant acidity. With the typical texture and roundness on the palate you’d expect from a Viognier.

Each bottle is infused with our Grey Poupon mustard seeds.”

Actually, this isn’t that weird. Just regular weird. This wine merely flips the tasty combo. Kraft Heinz says La Moutarde Vin is a “celebration” of the white wine found in the “condiment’s one-of-a-kind Dijon recipe, in contrast to the majority of Dijon mustards that use vinegar.”

The full-bodied white has an an ABV of 13.5%. You can get a 750 mL bottle for $30. It also comes with an eight-ounce jar of Grey Poupon mustard. Don’t stop there, though. The wine’s official site also provides a list of dishes to pair with the mustard wine. You can sip a glass while noshing on a classic croque monsieur or a honey dijon melt. You can also get real fancy and prep a mushroom chicken in dijon wine sauce. Or if you prefer seafood a dijon maple-glazed salmon. Then for dessert just bathe in a big tub of mustard. That way you can really get as much of the yellow stuff into your body as possible.

Don’t expect to see any commercials where rich guys in fancy cars ask each other if they have Grey Poupon wine, though. That might be an iconic ad that totally worked. But this beverage is promoting a condiment. Not drinking and driving.

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