Why Kristen Schaal Was the Only Choice to Play Mabel in GRAVITY FALLS (Exclusive)

Are you having  Gravity Falls withdrawals?

Are you missing the mysterious, supernatural adventure of the Pacific Northwest? So are we! From the fun art style, to the crazy yet heartfelt plot, to the lovable characters and vocal performances, it’s a summer we want to relive over and over again. This is obviously down to the amazing lead characters, particularly the eccentric and endlessly adorable Mabel, played by Kristen Schaal.

Known for her distinct voice and energetic personality, Schaal gets plenty of work playing characters for cartoons and animated films. In the exclusive clip above from Shout! Factory, we hear from fellow actor Jason Ritter, who plays Dipper, and creator and writer Alex Hirsch on how Schaal was such a great part of the show. Hirsch even divulges that he specifically wrote the part for her, and couldn’t picture, or hear, rather, anyone else taking on Mabel’s role. She also shares her experience on what it was like to play the character.  For many, Mabel is the heart of the show, so it’s difficult to imagine anyone else bringing her to life any differently.

Why Kristen Schaal Was the Only Choice to Play Mabel in GRAVITY FALLS (Exclusive)_1

And if you’re really missing the series and want to be able to own the entire thing for yourself, a 7-disc, collector’s edition box set is on the way! It will include the entire series, as well as special features such as deleted scenes, commentaries, behind-the-scenes footage, and more. The set will be available starting Tuesday, July 24, and is available on their site.

Tell us why you loved Gravity Falls and what your favorite episode is in the comments below!

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