Dog GoPro Videos Let Us Explore Life Through Canine Eyes

We’ve seen a ton of fun GoPro videos lately, which have all provided novel, and enlightening, points of view. Two recent GoPro videos recorded from harnesses on a pair of dogs, however, take the cake for most hilarious. And the videos aren’t just funny, but will also give a good sense of what it’s like to be a dog.

Andrew Cotter, a British sports broadcaster sidelined by pandemic measures, posted the GoPro dog videos to his nascent—yet immensely enjoyable— YouTube channel. The dogs featured in the videos are two Labradors, Olive and Mabel. Some may recognize the dynamic Labra-duo, as they’ve starred in numerous other videos from Cotter. Like this one, for example, of the pair of pooches race-eating their dinners.

In these two videos, we’re treated to Olive and Mabel’s first-person points of view as they tear it up in the forest and at the beach. In the video above, Olive’s wearing the GoPro, while Mabel wears it in the one below. And each video somehow delivers the qualia of “dogness,” with the way they provide a sense of the dogs’ excitement.

Cotter highlights the ear flapping in the footage as particularly entertaining, and we must agree. There is, undoubtedly, something intrinsically enjoyable about watching dogs’ ears flop around. (Which may be something for the folks who build the robo-dog, Spot, to consider.)

These GoPro videos taken from dogs' points of view are hilarious and enlightening.


For those now in love with these Labradors, Cotter has just put out a book, “Olive, Mabel, & Me,” which is available for pre-order here. Incidentally, Cotter’s videos of Olive and Mabel have now garnered more than 50 million views. Which just goes to show you: When it comes to boredom, if all else fails, hang out with dogs. You may just get a book deal and online audience out of it.

Feature image: mrandrewcotter

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