GoPro Roller Coaster Video Is Barf-Inducing Twist on Reality

When you think of mighty little GoPro cameras, you probably think of the way the (literal) heroes withstand lava baths, radiation baths, and even crocodile-mouth baths.

But did you know that GoPro cameras can also shoot footage that’ll make you feel like you’re in an alternate dimension? Yes, it’s true, and this footage of a Magic Mountain roller coaster ride shot by a GoPro is a testament to that fact.

The brain-bending video was posted to YouTube by Jeb Corliss, who, according to his YouTube video history, is quite possibly one of the most badass people currently alive. Seriously, this guy — and his girlfriend(?) — has a library of videos of him wingsuit flying, B.A.S.E. jumping, riding insane roller coasters, and of course, swimming with a bunch of very deadly looking sharks.

But even though the risk taking in all of those videos is way more intense than this particular coaster video, this little clip is still special because there’s a good chance it’ll make you want to hurl and maybe even think twice about entering VR worlds where this kind of stuff could happen regularly. (Not everything in future VR worlds is going to be as cool as Ready Player One, right?)

If you’re wondering why your own GoPro footage has never looked this bizarre and bend-nificent, that may be because this particular footage was stabilized and stitched together. So there’s the secret to making twisted, bizarro dreams come true if you’re wondering.

What are your thoughts on this crazily warped footage? How long do you think you could live in this kind of funhouse mirror reality? Let us know in the comments!

Images: YouTube / Jeb Corliss 

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