Watch a GoPro Get Swallowed by Lava (and Live)

Being consumed by lava and subsequently exploded into flames is an experience most human beings haven’t encountered or survived. Getting covered in a blanket of a 2,000 degree Fahrenheit material tends to do quite a number on the ol’ flesh and bone body. But a GoPro camera on the other charred hand, that tenacious trooper can apparently go through an extended and fiery bath in molten rock and come out on the other side smiling and still somewhat functional. And all we have to ask is: Is this little camera 40% dolomite?

Sploid picked up on the video, created by Hawaiian volcano guide Erik Storm. Storm, of  Kilauea EcoGuides, told PetaPixel that he put the GoPro in a crack to record some video of the lava flow, but then started a conversation with his group of tourists and forgot about it. The GoPro was quickly engulfed, but Storm still wanted to see if it was possible to salvage it. He pulled it out with a hammer, and once the molten rock cooled and became hard, he hammered it off.

On the SD card was the treat of a video seen in the clip above. And make sure you watch it until the end, because exploding into flames is somehow not even the coolest part of this video (in fact it’s the hottest, heyyyyooooo). The coolest part is when the hardened rock is chipped off the GoPro’s lens, and we get to experience, first-hand, what re-birth (or the afterlife?) is like. Plus now you know that if you ever need to recover one of Fry’s dogs, wear a suit made of GoPros.

What do you think about this GoPro surviving a lava bath? Does this little camera’s extreme durability impress you? Let us know in the comments below!

Images: PetaPixel

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