Google’s ‘Year in Search 2019’ Reveals Top Trends, Superhero Stats

Google has dropped its annual “Year in Search” video for 2019, and the uplifting clip highlights incredible moments from the year in which both real and fictional moments of heroism were on display. It’s obviously just a taste of what was searched for though, and a much fuller list of trends, which Google also published, reveals a more complex picture of what was on the world’s digital hive mind this year. The list also gives an answer to the question of which Avenger was the most searched for when Endgame came out. Hint: The internet loved him 3000.

Google’s “Year in Search 2019” video. 

In the clip, we receive glimpses of some of the most-searched-for topics, which this year included tragic events like Hurricane Dorian, inspiring moments like the one in which we first imaged a black hole, and a whole bunch of different Marvel superheroes. Google even provided some interesting superhero search statistics, like the fact that in March, “Captain Marvel” was searched five more times than “Captain America.” Although Tony Stark took home the Marvel trophy when it came to most-searched Avenger on the day of Endgame‘s release, thanks in no small part to that now-iconic “I love you, 3000” line.

Looking at a more complete breakdown of what was searched for, by category, is not as uplifting, but definitely a better source of mental mastication for data nerds. Google’s list for “what was trending in 2019” can be broken down by country, and includes categories like News, Searches, Songs, Actors, and even Babies. Speaking of which, the most searched baby in the U.S. this year was… you guessed it! Baby Yoda. That isn’t even a joke either, which is proof that there’s still hope for the future. Especially considering the fact that Baby Yoda somehow managed to beat out YouTube juggernaut-video, Baby Shark Dance.


The most popular TV shows in America included all of the usual suspects: Stranger Things, The Mandalorian, and Chernobyl, among others, although one big surprise was the The Boys, which came in at number ten. The brutality of that show is so unprecedent—errr wait, Game of Thrones is number one on the list. Maybe the U.S. just had a big thing for gritty fantasy worlds this year. Or anything other than reality, considering the fact that the number one search for questions starting with the phrase “What is…” was that objectively lame Area 51 Raid.

A few of the other highlights from Google’s lists include “Steampunk style” ranking as the fourth most-searched-for fashion style, movies like Midsommar and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood squeezing their way into a top movies list mostly populated with animated monoliths like Frozen 2 and comic book movies like Joker, and, of course, the “Sully Sullenberger of pizza.”

What do you think of Google’s “Year in Search 2019” video? Are these the kinds of big moments you expected the world to search for this year, or is there a disconnect between what you’d thought would make for popular searches and what actually did? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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