These GOLDEN GIRLS Shot Glasses Come with a Drinking Game

If you threw a party, invited everyone you knew, statistically speaking at least one person is bound to get way too drunk and do something stupid. Obviously, that’s not very friendly, but not because someone had too much to drink. We mean the part where you let them do that alone. Fortunately there’s a perfect way to travel down that road and back again with them, all while revisiting one of your favorite shows. These fantastic The Golden Girls shot glasses come with their very own drinking game.

But if you play, try to avoid watching an episode where Rose talks about St. Olaf a lot.

GOLDEN GIRLS Shot Glasses Come With Very Own Drinking Game_1Just Funky

Just Funky‘s Golden Girls Shot Glasses set (which we first saw at Delish) comes with four stylish 1.5 ounce glasses. Each glass features one of the show’s four stars, making for a great collectible for your shelf. (Especially if you already have the tiki mugs up there.)

But the real fun comes from actually using them. On the back of each glass is a set of instructions for a Golden Girls-centric drinking game. Take a show when:

  • Blanche mentions “Big Daddy”
  • Rose says a weird word from St. Olaf
  • Dorothy starts a sentence with “Ma”
  • Sophia tells you to picture Sicily

GOLDEN GIRLS Shot Glasses Come With Very Own Drinking Game_2Just Funky

If you want to make the game “competitive” only the person with a specific glass should drink when their character says the magic word or phrase. But if you want to make it really fun all players should take a shot whenever one of those four things happen. That’s more in the real spirit of the show—friendship.

You can order a set from Amazon for $21.99. Just Funky also has a different version of the set for those of you who plan on passing out much faster. These bigger 2-ounce glasses are made with a rigid yellow glass. They do not feature the drinking game on the back.

But you don’t need rules to either play or enjoy the show. Just some good friends. And maybe cheesecake.

Featured Image: Just Funky

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