These GOLDEN GIRLS Tiki Mugs are Perfect

The Golden Girls are nothing short of TV and lifestyle icons! Rose, Blanche, Dorothy, and Sophia have long been inspiring us to live our best lives. This involves eating cheesecake and appreciating our friends. But now the crew can also help you drink delicious cocktails with your friends thanks to these awesome official Golden Girls tiki mugs. You’ll have to enjoy the drinks in your Golden Girls  Geeki Tikis virtually right now though. Keep up that social distancing!

Sophia from Golden Girls as a tiki mug

Geeki Tikis

These super cute and ultra cool ceramic drinking vessels represent each of the famed silver foxes in a technicolor set. The four titular girls always enjoyed a nice cool drink. This collaboration is a match made in heaven. You’ll have to be a pretty big Golden Girls fan, however, as the set of four tiki mugs will run you almost $100. But really what is that meager dollar amount compared to being able to drink a delectable beverage out of the skull of one of your favorite characters?

Festive Golden Girls tiki mugs

Geeki Tikis

Geeki Tikis is known for releasing awesome pop culture designs as tiki mugs, but these Golden Girls mugs are kitsch-tastic. Sophia has the perfect cranky facial expression. Plus, she’s holding a little handbag and you can almost imagine her saying “Picture it… Sicily 1922.” Blanche is wearing a full face of make-up; she’s prepared to seduce your most handsome friend. Rose is smiling and ready to regale you about her childhood in St. Olaf. And Dorothy is on hand to lovingly scold them all.

One of the cutest things about this set is that they’re all different heights just like the radical women who inspired them. So basically, what we’re saying is that you can enjoy a refreshing cocktail from these and also reenact your favorite Golden Girls scenes. You just have to figure out which Golden Girls characters your friends are.

You can pre-order your set of Golden Girls tiki mugs from Geeki Tikis now! And once you order them, why don’t you marathon the classic comedy series and enjoy the company of your new cute ceramic friends?

Featured Image: Geeki Tikis

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