GLASS Trailer Shows the UNBREAKABLE Villains Teaming Up

Of all the reboots and revivals to hit the big screen in the past few years, none has taken way quite like the  Unbreakable franchise. It wasn’t even until the very end of  Split that audiences learned it took place in the Unbreakable universe, nor until thereafter that we’d be getting the Elijah Price movie we’d been hoping for since we first met the character in M. Night Shyamalan’s 2000 hit. So what do we think of this latest glimpse at the film that’ll reunite Samuel L. Jackson’s ingenious villain, Bruce Willis’ impenetrable hero, and James McAvoy’s personality-hopping wild card?

Frankly, we think it looks pretty intriguing. Leaning perhaps a bit closer to Split than to Unbreakable in terms of mood and veneer, the trailer nevertheless shows a  Glass movie that may well thrill us quite in the way Shyamalan’s original superhero adventure did 18 years back. Jackson’s Mr. Glass character was perhaps the most compelling element of Unbreakable, so the opportunity to further explore his superhuman psyche—especially in such a tense setting as involuntary hospitalization at what is probably not your ordinary psychiatric institution, and what’s more in such close quarters to Willis’ David Dunn and McAvoy’s many-named character—seems like the right course for the franchise.Rounding out the cast alongside the three returning ticking time bombs is the always excellent Sarah Paulson, whose psychiatric professional is surely up to something. Hey, this wouldn’t be an M. Night Shyamalan movie if she weren’t.What do you think of the latest trailer? Let us know! Glass hits theaters January 18.

Image: Universal Pictures

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