This Guitar Made From LEGO Bricks Actually Works

We’ve seen all kinds of amazing things built with LEGO bricks, from a mini working submarine to actual visors for medical workers to be used during the current pandemic. But here’s something we’ve never seen before. We’ve learned, via Laughing Squid, about a fan by the name of Mike Clifford, who has built a stunning Gibson Les Paul replica out of LEGO bricks and epoxy resin. And yes, it is a fully functioning and playable guitar!

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I have to admit, I would have picked a different set of colors than blue, white, green and lavender for this one, but they certainly emphasize the LEGO-ness of it all. Clifford shared a video showing each step he took in constructing this unique guitar, and even played a little bit on the finished instrument. Which he of course named “the Legocaster.” If you want to make your own, all one has to do is follow Clifford’s careful instructions.

You can check out the full how-to video down below:

Clifford said “I made a guitar out of LEGOs and epoxy resin, aka—the Legocaster!! I’m so excited to share this Lego epoxy guitar build. I had no idea how the Legos would hold together with the epoxy resin, but in the end, I think the guitar came out pretty sharp looking!”

Now, for this one, you’re obviously going to need a little more know-how than just how to fit LEGO bricks together. This one’s clearly intended for all the now-adult kids who aced shop back in high school. This is a playable musical instrument we’re talking about after all. But if one has the resources and the time—and the garage space—then this is definitely a cool project to give oneself during quarantine. And if you do manage to make one of your own, may I suggest the first song you rock out to is “ Everything is Awesome” from The LEGO Movie?

Featured Image: Modustrial Maker / YouTube

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