A Spudtacular Idaho Potato-Shaped Airbnb Tiny House

Looking for a place to kick back and relax with your best spud far away from the big city lights? There’s a tasty little spot you can rent in Idaho that will let you connect with nature in a big way. Just maybe not in the way you think. Airbnb has a listing for a giant six-ton model of a potato that has been transformed into a tiny house.

For seven years, the Idaho Potato Commission sent its Big Idaho Potato Tour around the U.S. The massive 28-foot long replica, made of plastic, plaster, and steel, crisscrossed the country atop a semi-truck, visiting all 48 contiguous states. But what do you do with a giant ‘tater when its time to head back home? You turn it into one.

That’s what Kristie Wolfe did. After spending a year touring with the super starch, she transformed it into a tiny house for rent. The gigantic tuber now rests “on 400 acres of good ol’ Idaho farmland,” roughly a 20-minute drive south of downtown Boise.

Spend a Weekend in a Giant Replica Idaho Potato House_1Kirsten Dirksen

The novelty home (which we first heard about at Idaho Statesman) is bigger on the inside than you might think with a 14-foot diameter. You’re not going to be hitting your head on the ceiling. It also features one bedroom with a single custom queen bed. The sitting area provides a spot to relax and listen to records. And there are also nooks and crannies for books, décor to give the very white interior some color, power outlets, air conditioning, a sink, coffee station, and a mini-fridge.

A nearby silo has also been turned into a working bathroom/spa for anyone who likes to soak themselves like a potato waiting to be mashed. And as a super bonus, there’s even a friendly cow on the premise. Dolly will serve as your de facto pet during your stay.

Spend a Weekend in a Giant Replica Idaho Potato House_2Kirsten Dirksen

If you’re ready to get cooking, you can secure a stay for as little as $165 a night at Airbnb. Reviews from guests who have already rented the potato are overwhelmingly positive. That’s not surprising.

Everyone loves a weekend getaway. And everyone loves potatoes.

Featured Image: Kirsten Dirksen

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