Watch a Bunch of Potatoes Get Turned into a Sharp Kitchen Knife

We were hooked when we heard a dried Japanese fish could be turned into a knife, and we boiled over with excitement after seeing a blade made from macaroni, but what’s a meal—or a collection of knives—without a potato dish? Fortunately for our dinner plans, the versatile tuber can also be transformed into a fine piece of kitchen cutlery.

YouTuber kiwami japan is back with his latest video transforming a foodstuff into a sharp, functional knife, this time using potatoes as the base. Mixing together 60 grams of potato starch he extracted himself, 15 grams of glycerin (maybe, uh, don’t eat this knife, which is always a great rule), 30 grams of vinegar, and water, along with some blue food coloring, he created a type of tacky gelatin he then shaped into a kitchen knife. After letting it dry for a few days and giving it a sharp edge, the knife was finally capable of cutting through the type of raw potato it was made from.

If you want to understand exactly what he was doing to remove the potato starch from the first half of the video, the following video explains the process of extracting it.

As always we’re learning a lot about science and making a knife, but, is anyone else really hungry right now?

Fish. Macaroni. Potato. If he can just make a knife from a leafy green we’ll have one hell of a meal on our hands.

What food would you love to see turned into a knife next? Cut up our comments section with your best idea.

Featured Image: kiwami japan

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