This Giant BBQ Lighter Is Essentially a Flamethrower

Generally speaking, there are two types of lighters. You have pocket lighters, the little brick-shaped things that you flick with your thumb; they’re ideal for lighting incense, candles, or perhaps some substances that are legal in certain jurisdictions and not so legitimate in others.

Then there are barbecue lighters, which have the long nozzle and are good for when you need more distance between your hand and the flame, or if you just need a longer reach, such as when lighting a grill.

We’ve already seen a supersized lighter of the first variety, so now we move onto the latter, and it turns out that a giant lighter is basically a re-skinned flamethrower (via LaughingSquid).

YouTube personalities Peter Sripol and Sam Foskuhl made the lighter/blowtorch/lightertorch out of a modified weed torch, an electric ignition, and a blowtorch, as well as custom housing to hold all the components and give the whole build its lighter-esque charm. It turns out their creation is well suited for a variety of purposes, including but not limited to igniting a batch of fireworks and destroying a barbecue grill, as demonstrated in the video. It could also be useful if you need to light a candle across the room but don’t want to get up. At this point, it’s important that I stress that you please don’t actually make a flamethrower lighter yourself and do that, thank you.

What do you think of this giant lighter? What wild but non-nefarious purposes would you use this flaming death machine for? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Featured image: PeterSripol

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