World’s Largest Lighter is Equal Parts Awesome and Terrifying

Here we go folks: It’s another addition to our world’s biggest backyard items collection. Adding to the list already populated by the world’s largest super soaker and the world’s largest Nerf gun, we have the world’s largest lighter.

Sploid picked up on this testament to flame-taming—this paragon of Drogon-style fire-spewing—and all we can say after watching these clips is that our faces have never been melted quite this degree of off before. That’s a metaphor, of course, but look at the way this giant lighter, which was assembled by builder and YouTuber Brainfoo, lights things on fire. Listen to it too—it sounds like a dang Falcon 9 engine.

Perhaps the most amazing aspect of the world’s largest lighter is that its heroic level of metaphorical face-melting and literal melting of everything else isn’t even due to flamethrower dynamics. In other words, this mondo lighter isn’t igniting a shooting stream of flammable liquid, but is simply igniting a very powerful stream of gas. It works exactly like a regular-sized lighter! Just giant.

Here it is lighting a tree on fire. (Apparently it can do anything a regular lighter can do, including burn Christmas trees.)

If you’re desperate to find out how to build the world’s biggest lighter, Brainfoo shows off its neat, gaseous insides in the below clip. Although please do remember that even though this legit dragon of a lighter doesn’t work like a flamethrower, it’s still extremely dangerous. Only  Colin Furze can ignore that warning.

What are your thoughts on this gargantuan lighter? What would you melt if you had such a magical device in your possession? Let us know in the comments!

Images: BrainfooTV

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