Stay Safe With Leather ALIEN Facehugger Mask

There should be no argument about wearing face masks. They slow the spread of COVID-19 and keep those around you safe. And while obviously no one enjoys being forced to cover up when buying milk, there are worse things that could be attached to your mouth and nose. A small, disease-fighting piece of cloth is definitely preferable to a facehugger from Alien. That is, unless you’re wearing this incredible leather facehugger mask.

It combines the safety we need with the horror franchise we love.

Stay Safe With Original ALIEN Leather Facehugger Mask_1James Body

This strangely beautiful piece (which we came across at Laughing Squid) is the work of James Body of Pirate’s Leatherworks in York, UK. He crafted this stunning homage to Alien‘s iconic head-seeking monster because, like all of us, he needed a mask. The end result is a gorgeous, functional work of art. The craftsmanship, shifting colors of the leather, and attention to detail makes this mask look like it might actually be alive.

Like a facehugger from the Alien franchise, it has eight creepy legs that help keep the mask attached to his face. There’s also a decorative long tail that normally wraps around its victims neck. The only major difference with this leather piece is that it doesn’t cover its host’s eyes. But that’s a good thing. Being able to see where you are going is really important even when we aren’t in a global pandemic.

Stay Safe With Original ALIEN Leather Facehugger Mask_2James Body

While it’s currently sold out, Body says he’ll be selling these masks on his Etsy site again soon. If you want to grab one yourself he recommends favoriting his shop so you’ll be alerted when they’re available. We doubt they’ll last long. Facehuggers, despite being terrifying monsters, have been a popular inspiration for creative people designing protective masks. Body’s leather mask is just the latest in stunning facehugger masks we’ve seen this year.

We hope even more do. Masks aren’t exactly fun, but these are. And they might get more people to wear them.

And you know things are weird when facehuggers are keeping humans safe.

Featured Image: James Body

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