GAME OF THRONES Enamel Pin Collection Bring Westerosi Flair

With Game of Thrones premiering its eighth and final season on April 14, no doubt many of you out there will be hosting or attending viewing some excellent viewing parties. Now you can show off your Westerosi fandom in style on premiere night with a series of gorgeous new pins.

HBO Licensing & Retail is rolling out an HBO Shop-exclusive enamel pin collection, revealing new designs from each corner of the Seven Kingdoms each Monday through May 20. You can see the already available pins below:

GAME OF THRONES Enamel Pin Collection Bring Westerosi Flair_1

HBO will be debuting two pins per week leading up to the premiere, and one per week through the season. These wearable pieces of art feature nods to the unique imagery and icons which have appeared throughout the show’s run. Six pins are currently available, with 18 in total to be released throughout the rest of this promotion. Fans can find the latest pins  here and sign up for the HBO Shop newsletter to get weekly pin reveal updates on the shop site.

GAME OF THRONES Enamel Pin Collection Bring Westerosi Flair_2

Some of the most memorable iconography of the entire series is represented by these amazing pins, including poor Hodor’s noble sacrifice (which still makes us teary-eyed), the Dragonglass spear that Sam used to kill a White Walker, the symbol of the Three-Eyed-Raven, and the dragon eggs that started everything rolling way back in season one. And Arya gets a shout-out in a pin that has the phrase “A Girl Has No Name.”

So what might be in the forthcoming pins? We’re not certain yet, but we know we’d like to see a little Drogon, and maybe some pins referencing Dany herself? With so many more to come, fans will be able to wear the ultimate tribute to the series and keep the Game of Thrones fires burning long past the series finale. A Lannister always pays his debts, but a Thrones fan always wants the swag.

Images: HBO

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