GAME OF THRONES and WESTWORLD’s Title Sequences Get All Mashed Up

Game of Thrones currently has the lion’s share of the cultural attention, final season and all. But let us not forget, HBO also has another huge genre hit on their hands these days with Westworld, which will return for its third season sometime within the next year.

On the surface, both shows have little in common. But both Game of Thrones and Westworld have intricate and artful opening title sequences, the kind you never want to fast forward through because it’s always so cool to watch. Now, thanks to the folks over at Geekologie, we’ve discovered a fan and YouTuber named GillesKontrol who brought the robotic tech from Westworld to the medieval milieu of Westeros. And as you can see below, it’s pretty darn impressive.

Titled “Westerosworld,” the video mashes up not just the visuals of the two series’ opening title sequences, but also their musical scores as well. Although the music leans more into the Westworld theme, there are definitely notes which echo the Game of Thrones opening title music in there too. And given that both pieces of music were created by composer Ramin Djawadi, it makes total sense that they would complement each other like peanut butter and jelly.

Although it would probably be way too fan-servicey to actually show the Delos, Inc. corporation on Westworld every having a Game of Thrones style fantasy location as part of their theme park operations, I can honestly say that I wouldn’t hate it if they did. Maybe not Westeros itself, but some kind of high fantasy world with knights and dragons and the whole nine yards. I mean, HBO is going to want to put some of those amazing Game of Thrones costumes and props to good use once the show wraps up. This might be the perfect way to do that.

Images: HBO / GillesKontrol

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