GAME OF THRONES’ The Mountain Is KFC’s New Colonel Sanders

Are you tired of begging the old gods and the new for help getting the picky eater in your family to stop being so fussy? Well, here’s a solution: Serve them KFC for dinner even if they don’t like fried chicken, and if they refuse to eat, call the new Colonel Sanders to scare them into finishing off their plate. The latest Hollywood star to don the iconic white suit of the fast food chain’s founder is the most terrifying spokesperson imaginable: the world’s strongest man and biggest bodyguard in Westeros, Game of Thrones‘s The Mountain.

This fantastic new promo (that we first saw at DesignTAXI) stars Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, best known for playing Cersei’s skull-crushing zombie Kingsguard, and the man who earlier this year set the world deadlift record, as the most intimidating mascot ever. It follows his humble beginnings from when he left Kentucky as a child to move to the frozen shores of Iceland, where he began training to become “the Double Colonel.” It was a lifetime of preparation for KFC’s first ever Double Crispy Challenge, his quest to pull “700-ish” pounds of their newest menu item.

Look, literally no one else on the planet is The Mountain, the guy who once broke a thousand-year-old strongman record, but every single person who eats one of these has an obligation to scream “saaaandwiiiiiiiccch” before and after they finish it.

Because if they don’t… well, have you seen what the new Colonel Sanders does to people he’s unhappy with in the Seven Kingdoms?

Which character from Game of Thrones would make the worst Colonel Sanders? Who would be the best? Take a bite out of our comments section with your best ideas.

Featured Image: KFC

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