On BritBox, Dead GAME OF THRONES Actors Never Die

As we get ready to set sail on the final voyage of the good ship Game of Thrones, it’s time to think back to all the characters we lost. And we lost a lot of them. There’s probably an hour-long video out there just of all the people who’ve died on screen. And season eight will likely kill off a fair few more before it’s all said and done. Sad. Wouldn’t you like to get away? Sometimes you wanna go where everybody isn’t dead.

Thanks to this hilarious Cheers-theme spoof from streaming service BritBox, which we’re exclusively debuting, all your favorite Thrones actors are alive and well…and smiling way more than they did in Westeros.

Sean Bean alive?! Is that even legal? It’s oddly heartwarming to see actors like Rose Leslie, Lena Headey, and Aidan Gillen smiling. What are these strange shows where the the worst things don’t happen to everybody? Young and happy Game of Thrones actors is my new favorite thing. And even though the video has a few actors whose characters (*spoilers*) haven’t died yet, it’s not unheard of that they will before the end.

For those unaware, BritBox is the streaming service co-founded by the BBC and ITV, the UK’s big two television networks. It’s the home of classic British television like Poirot, Blackadder, and Fawlty Towers. They even have the entire extant archive of classic Doctor Who episodes. There definitely are a lot of murder mysteries on there, so as the song says, you might see some Game of Thrones people die a different way. But not Sean Bean! He lives forever!

Game of Thrones‘ eighth and final season premieres this Sunday, April 14, on HBO.

Image: BritBox/BBC

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