GAME OF THRONES-Inspired EP Is a Haunting, Beautiful Tribute to the Realm

Game of Thrones might have come to an end, but the show’s popularity means it won’t ever really be gone from our lives. What is dead may never die—not after millions of people around the globe were totally obsessed with it. And all of that love and admiration for the series is why we will be getting tributes to the show for decades to come, like this EP of Game of Thrones-inspired songs.

Some of the composers from the music house Wolf at the Door came together with their love for all things the Realm to record tracks based on some of the biggest events on Game of Thrones. The result is Mother of Dragons, a three-song EP. We definitely don’t need to explain what its three songs—”Ballad of the Red Wedding,” “Lord of Light,” and “Wall of Ice”—are about; let’s just say, we wouldn’t expect to hear any of these at an inn along any part of the Kingsroad.

These might be inspired by Westeros, but you wouldn’t hear these kinds of haunting vocals and musical styles in any tavern in the world of ice and fire. Not unless the people of Qarth really love Radiohead or Portishead and we didn’t know about it.

This is very different from the last Game of Thrones tribute album we told you about; that was a concept album that was written in character as a Northern bard. Those songs were meant to evoke the feeling of listening to a song at a Mole’s Town tavern. Mother of Dragons obviously is not.

And we love both, Not only because they both sound great (and are very catchy), but because they both show how great art inspires others to create. Game of Thrones might be over, but what is dead may never die.

Featured Image: HBO

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