Watch The Hound Be A Salty Jerk For 5 Minutes Straight

We will miss spending time with many characters from the enormous cast of Game of Thrones now that the series has come to a close, but there are few we will miss more than Sandor Clegane, a.k.a. the Hound. We’ve had soft spot for the guy ever since his original appearance in the show’s first season. That continued up to his final battle with his zombie brother the Mountain in season eight. During the show’s run, the Hound was a salty jerk, spewing venom and curse words to just about every character to cross his path. If he wasn’t running a sword through them or cutting their throats, that is.

But thanks to his paternal relationship with Arya Stark, we just couldn’t help but love the big lug despite his gruff exterior and occasionally homicidal tendencies. Now, thanks to the YouTube account SuperCuts Delight, we have an video showing off  nearly all of the the times the Hound cussed people out, or was just being the big barking dog that he was. You can check out the full The Hound Roasts People For 5 Minutes Straight video up above.

The YouTube account that gave us this delightful video also produced several more for various other Game of Thrones characters. There’s one of Brandon Stark being just plain weird and creepy for a full five minutes straight, and another one of Tyrion Lannister failing at his job for a five minute stretch. And no, Jon Snow isn’t immune either. There is also a fairly long supercut of him “knowing nothing”. We think that one could have been even longer than five minutes, given his decisions in much of the latter half of the show. No shade Jon, just telling it like it is. Of course, our favorite is Arya Stark being a badass. Because who wouldn’t love watching that for a full five minutes??

Images: HBO

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