GAME OF THRONES’ Cleganebowl with Lightsabers and STAR WARS Music

For eight seasons, Game of Thrones teased Cleganebowl, the ultimate showdown between the brothers Sandor and Gregor. It was a fight each was burning to have from the time they were children, and in the show’s explosive penultimate episode “The Bells.” it finally happened. The Hound and the Mountain battled amid the flames as King’s Landing crumbled all around them. It was epic, it was cinematic, and it was fun to watch… but would it have been better with lightsabers? That’s for you to decide after watching this Cleganebowl edit by ImmersionVFX, which brings the galaxy far, far away to the Red Keep.

Outside of wishing The Hound had a blue lightsaber instead of a red one, I love this video. Setting it to Revenge of the Sith‘s iconic track “Anakin Vs. Obi-Wan” only highlights how much the two duels have in common, in ways we never would have considered. They were fought between “brothers”; a massive fire raged around them during the fight; they were scored by incredible composers; and they each happened after years of fan anticipation.

Too bad Obi-Wan wasn’t willing to tackle Anakin into the river of lava on Mustafar like Sandor Clegane was willing to sacrifice himself into Drogon’s fires below the Red Keep. Maybe if he didn’t have the high ground all to himself…

There’s a long history of lightsabers being edited into Game of Thrones scenes, but this one is our favorite. Though we’re still fond of the time someone turned the Tower of Joy into a battle of Jedi.

And we still love when Jon brought a laser sword to the Battle of the Bastards, and Arya and Brienne dueled with them in Winterfell’s courtyard.

Good thing Arya didn’t try using one on the Night King. Lightsabers are powered by kyber crystals, not dragonglass, and they barely work on undead Mountains.

Featured Image: HBO/ImmersionVFX

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