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Photos for GAME OF THRONES’ Second Episode Are Very Unsettling

HBO has released photos from next week’s Game of Thrones, the second episode of the season and the last one before the Battle of Winterfell.

The final season premiere from the Seven Kingdoms packed a lot of reunions (and dead children) into only 54 minutes, but there was one glaring omission from the episode – Gilly. We won’t have to worry about where her and Little Sam are next week though, because both appear in new photos for Game of Thrones‘ second episode of the season. And they look a lot happier than almost every other character.

Our first look at the still untitled episode (which is apparently a new trend for the show) came in a post-credits tease after the premiere. It focuses on the chilly reception Jaime will receive at Winterfell, and the final preparations before the White Walkers arrive.

Jaime’s reckoning looks even more intense in this new photo, where a line of soldiers stands behind him. This might not just be a confrontation, it could be a trial (for any number of crimes).

That’s not the only big meeting we can expect though. A series of photos look like the heads of House Stark and Targaryen will be planning something serious.

Besides the concerned looks, Jorah’s (awesome) armor indicates this happens closer to the episode’s end.

And what do wise men do when death comes? Enjoy a drink of course.

Unless you are Sam and are burdened with the biggest secret in the world. Then you look sick to your stomach staring at the true king.

It’s not all doom and gloom though. There will be plenty of gray skies and consternation too! Like when Grey Worm and Missandei have a moment together.

Any chance Davos looks so serious because he’s making onion stew? That’s all we will accept now that we’ve had that thought.

And who could be eating that stew?

Creepy Bran also appears twice. The first photo features him turned away from his Amityville house fire for a change, which makes us think he’s more engaged than normal with whomever is in the room with him.

More intriguing though is this image of him near the Winterfell weirwood. We could see an all new vision. What secrets could Bran find? Or is he just checking up on the White Walkers location?

One of the least concerning shots belongs to Daenerys, who seems like she is having a suspiciously pleasant moment.

But the single most exciting photo in the bunch belongs to Lyanna Mormont in full armor.


But if you’re looking for the most optimistic images, they both belong to Gilly. The first shows her outside during the day, as though she doesn’t have an ice demon worry in the world.

Far more adorable though is a shot of her, Sam, and (a much bigger) Little Sam trying to sleep.

So sweet. Though Sam and Gilly look like very worried, as they should be.

Cersei is most notable for her absence. In fact, no one who is currently outside of Winterfell is included in this bunch. We know Tormund, Beric, and Dolorous Edd will show up, but will Theon? What’s going on with Euron Greyjoy?

And of course, where are the White Walkers? Our bet is we won’t see them until the episode’s final moment, when they arrive at Winterfell to set up episode three’s epic showdown.

But we still have episode two before we get to that, so sleep well Little Sam. We won’t until Game Of Thrones returns.

Images: HBO

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