Track GAME OF THRONES Characters Through Westeros With This Interactive Map

We’ve been through a lot with our favorite Game of Thrones characters. We’ve watched them get beaten down, fly atop dragons, get murdered and come back to life. We’ve also followed them across distances far and wide, from Westeros to Braavos to far north of the Wall. For those who’ve also read George R.R. Martin’s book series, A Song of Ice and Fire, those journeys look a little different, especially now that the show has surpassed the page. But have you ever wondered just how different those journeys have been? With this interactive map, you can!

This  QuarterMaester map features both Westeros and Essos and a handy guide to the different locations. A special code distinguishes the towns from cities from castles and whatnot. The map also shows off the diverse terrain of the continents, from the snow mountains north of the Wall to the Riverlands and more.

Track GAME OF THRONES Characters Through Westeros With This Interactive Map_1

But what makes this map especially neat is a function at the right side of the screen that lets you select characters to trace their path on the show or in the book. The guide is even spoiler-proof; you can drag the bar at the top to indicate where you’d like the tracking coverage to stop. For some characters, like Ned Stark, both tracking lines are identical; he went on the same journey in both the show and book, and died both times in King’s Landing. For other characters, like Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow, the lines start off similarly, but diverge greatly once it gets into post-book seasons. Jon’s is particularly fun to track, as it shows him north of the Wall for quite a while, and then zipping around Westeros quite rapidly in seasons 6 and 7.

We imagine the tracking will only get more complicated in season 8, when the war between the living and the dead spread throughout Westeros. We’ll have our eye on it when it does.

Images: HBO, QuarterMaster

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