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The Battle for Westeros Looms in New GAME OF THRONES’ Images

The White Walkers bodies are still melting in Winterfell, but that hasn’t slowed down the living’s desire to wage war on one another in new images from next week’s Game of Thrones.

The major players fighting over the Iron Throne are readying for another major battle, though it might be the photos from before the fight that are most revealing.

Along with our weekly photo of a smug Cersei gazing out a window (this time without Level-Four Clinger Euron Greyjoy by her side), we also see the arrival of Jon Snow at Dragonstone. And look who is eager to greet him…

Varys didn’t wait long to cozy up to the man he might try to install on the Iron Throne instead of Daenerys.

Speaking of the Mother of Dragons, I believe the kids call this “a mood,” as we see her looking absolutely drained from the latest setback in her quest to take back her family’s crown.

We can see Tyrion is in the map room with her there. How much he can help her keep calm could determine how loyal he remains to her cause.

We also see the Hand of the Queen in an image that looks like it’s from the Dragonstone throne room.

Based on this image of a steely-eyed Grey Worm, who is dealing with the death of Missandei last week, there will be an important meeting of the minds in front of that much cooler looking Targaryen chair.

It won’t be all scheming and planning, though. There’s a battle to be fought, on both the land and the sea, which is where Euron is with his giant crossbow-outfitted Iron Fleet. He doesn’t look very happy for a guy who just killed a dragon, though.

Cersei’s other main force, the 20,000 strong Golden Company led by Harry Strickland, will take up residence outside the gates of King’s Landing.

Standing opposite them are the remaining forces supporting Daenerys, led by Jon Snow, Davos Seaworth, and Tyrion Lannister. This gives us an even better view of how big the Golden Company really is.

At least this time Jon can see his enemy.

From these photos, we expect a quieter start to the episode before we get to a battle that will take place outside King’s Landing, on the seas, and, even with all of those crossbows, in the sky.

There’s always a war to fight, whether it’s with the dead or the living.

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Images: HBO

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