Furby Synthesizer Creates Sounds Nobody Should Ever Hear

In what may be a crime against Furb-manity, YouTuber and music machine maker Look Mum No Computer has created a synthesizer that sources sounds from a furless Furby. And while the sight of the Furby synthesizer is, by itself, enough to disturb one’s sleep patterns for a fortnight, the sounds it makes are next-level haunting. As well as kind of fun and funky?

Technabob reported on No Computer’s new Furby synthesizer, which the music maker has dubbed the “Subject 44B Module” for short. Subject 44B is, of course, the poor, exposed Furby at the heart of the machine. Although despite its missing skin, the mechanical doll’s eyes couldn’t look happier!

In the video above, No Computer shows how he created the Furby synthesizer and then demos it. The YouTuber says that he’d always wanted to do this kind of project with a Furby, but hadn’t gotten around to it. He’s certainly gotten around to a lot of other Furby projects in the past, however. Including this hilarious Furby organ from 2018 that went viral.

A Furby doll stripped of its fur and embedded inside of a large music synthesizer.
Look Mum No Computer

As No Computer shows, he created the Subject 44B Module by wiring a Furby into a synthesizer—an electronic musical instrument that generates and modulates audio signals—via a circuit board and wires. The synthesizer sources the sounds the Furby makes in its “Furbish” language, allowing No Computer to play with them.

As for the sounds the Subject 44B Module creates? They’re just as cacophonous and creepy as one would expect. The Furby’s Furbish language is already otherworldly, and after a synth mangling sounds truly bizarre. The Furby synth soundscape almost feels like a trip through a European rave cave. But the bad kind of rave cave where people collect the bones of animals. And maybe some Furby skins for good measure.

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