Funko Reveals Ton of New SDCC Virtual Con Exclusives

Although actual San Diego Comic-Con isn’t happening this year – along with just about everything else- it doesn’t mean we won’t be getting some of that sweet, sweet exclusive merch. Thanks to this year’s virtual SDCC, a ton of new items will soon be available to fans, all without the long lines and that “unique” con smell.

And the good folks at Funko are revealing a metric ton of SDCC exclusives this week for their Virtual Con, showcasing characters from ever corner of fandom. Here are but a few of them:

To start things off, the mascot of SDCC, the Comic-Con Toucan, is getting several exclusives, including a pair of Pop! figures wearing space suits.

With this being the 35th anniversary of Back to the Future, it’s no surprise the vinyl gods are showing some love for this beloved classic. This new Marty McFly Pop! figure has him in his signature orange vest, looking at his watch, just like the classic movie poster.

Another movie celebrating a big anniversary this year is the original X-Men, which it getting its own Pop! wave very soon. To continue this celebration, we’ve got a variant Nightcrawler from X2,  and the original (and often unloved) Ryan Reynolds Deadpool from X-Men Origins: Wolverine! 

Keeping on the Marvel tip, this 10″ Super Sized Pop! of the Marvel Zombies version of the Fantastic Four’s resident bruiser The Thing is somewhat nightmare inducing, but also super cool.

One more from the world of Marvel, the gentleman who started it all, Stan “The Man” Lee gets a new Pop! figure. Here, he’s looking very much in Hugh Hefner mode, similar to his cameo in Iron Man 1.

Not to be outdone by Marvel’s offerings, DC is getting several exclusives as well, featuring the CW’s Black Lightning, and the comic book incarnations of the Cyborg Superman and Ra’s al Ghul.

And speaking of great Batman villains, this glitter variant of Arnie’s version of Mr. Freeze is totally just (insert bad ice pun from Batman & Robin here)

The red Sith Trooper for The Rise of Skywalker gets an exclusive, as he jet packs away from the battle, Boba Fett style.

The Emperor’s New Groove has become a Disney cult classic, and fans will definitely want to score this Pop! of Yzma as a cat.

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This Super Sayain God Goku from Dragonball kind of looks like he’s farting flames, but really, he’s probably just getting ready to put the smack down on someone.

Wanna know how Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is already a decade old? This Wallace Pop! variant has a flip phone.

Just in time for Netflix’s two new Masters of the Universe series, there are several new Pop! figures from the world of Eternia on the way.

This TMNT Michelangelo with surfboard is ready to hit the beach.

Other exclusive items are Jay and Silent Bob Reboot – Iron Bob, Harry Potter at the World Cup, The Office’s Recyclops, Fortnite’s Rippley, musician Steve Aoki, Critical Role- Vex on Her Broom, and Vinyl Soda: Quaker Oats – Cap’n Crunch – Crunchberry Beast and Vinyl Soda: Nightmare Before Christmas’ Clown with the Tearaway Face.

For more news, be sure to head on over to the official Funko Pop! blog, and the their Twitter account.

Featured Image: Funko

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