FROZEN 2 Trailer Takes Anna and Elsa North, Through New Magic and Dangers

While no doubt whimsical and enchanting, the mythology of the first Frozen movie was in fact pretty straightforward: an enchanted Scandinavian could make it snow as she saw fit (and sometimes when she didn’t). Save for some chatty forest trolls with a little magic of their own to speak of, that was pretty much the gist. But the fantastical seem to be kicking up a few notches in Frozen 2, which expands the breadth of not only Elsa’s ice powers, but of the sort of inexplicable phenomena she and her sister Anna will experience out there in the world on their latest adventure. From mystical horse visions to a crystalizing atmosphere, the new trailer for the sequel packs wonders aplenty.

As the troll says, the past is not what it seems. Thus, we can surmise that the adventure facing the always sober Elsa and sprightly Anna (as well as the latter’s stoic beau Kristoff and his aloof reindeer pal Sven, not to mention the group’s unofficial mascot and collective emotional beneficiary, Olaf the snowman) may have something to do with their pasts—perhaps something to do with the sudden disappearance of their parents on the high seas, back when the girls were children.

The troll’s prophecy also suggests that far more is at stake than merely the peace of mind of the Of Arendelle family. As the troop journeys across the seas and north of their longtime home, they’re bound for some pretty dazzling new wonders, yes, but challenges just the same. Misty air pockets, waterfalls inside caves, and fiery sprites that bound sporadically through the sky await the travelers, while equine projections promise that something pretty significant will meet them towards the end of their mission… and it’ll involve horses. (We didn’t know horses were such a big deal in the Frozenverse, but you can’t argue with a mystical vision.)

Image: Disney

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