Fans Create Amazing Art Celebrating FROZEN 2’s Trailer

The trailer for Walt Disney Animation’s Frozen 2 is here!

It shows what looks like a darker and more intense adventure for Elsa, Anna, and Olaf, and fans have already take to social media to showcase their excitement over the long awaited return to Arendelle. Remember, it’s been over five years since the original Frozen hit theaters (we can’t believe it either), and some of those kids who were the target audience aren’t kids anymore. They’ve had time to become pretty decent artists and are surely responsible for some of the very cool (ha!) Frozen 2 fan art we’ve seen around the internet today.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorites, starting with a little Elsa chibi by speedyloaf on Twitter:

And this image of Elsa as she prepares to confront the waves ( maybe searching for her parents?) by SilverBD is all sorts of dark and moody. 

How fierce is this facial expression?!

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ponytail … elsa …. o-o #fanart #frozen #frozen2 #Disney

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These two sisters. They look like they’re going through a Lot in this trailer, and lezhengai captures the mood.

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Cosplayer Jenna already had an ice skating look for Elsa in the closet, and it closely matches the ice queen’s ensemble in the trailer. 

Andi says they’re not a fan of Frozen but couldn’t resist illustrating Anna’s new look.

And hello new mysterious character:

Let us buy these outfits, Disney!

You put those hands on your hips, Anna.

Frozen 2 is sure to inspire more cosplay and fan art as time goes on. By the time the film is here on November 22, we’re sure hundreds of people will already have donned Elsa’s new attire at a convention. We can’t wait to see it all!

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