Skittles Adds French’s Mustard to Its Rainbow with Special Release

I do not know, nor do I presume to know, what a rainbow tastes like. However, I am pretty confident an optical phenomenon consisting of light reflection, dispersion, and refraction does NOT taste like mustard. I’m no chemist, but it just doesn’t feel like the science lines up, you know? That’s not stopping Skittles from adding that flavor to its collection of rainbow-inspired offerings, though. The company has partnered with French’s Mustard to celebrate National Mustard Day with a special release, a sweet treat that will go better with a hot dog than it will other candy.

A bottle of French's Mustard next to a bag of Mustard Skittles

Once again French’s Mustard is getting weird for its big holiday on August 5. This time it has teamed with Skittles for a strange confectionary it calls “this summer’s tangiest yellow candy.” (No argument from us on that.) French’s Mustard Skittles look like normal pieces of that beloved sweet, but inside contains a pungent concoction.

Obviously I must have this. If you feel the same way here’s how you can try and nab some of this limited-release candy. You can win free fun-sized packs of French’s Mustard Skittles via online sweepstakes. (Follow French’s and Skittles on social media for details.) There will also be three in-person pop up events:

  • July 31: Atlanta – Ponce City Market (675 North Avenue NE)
  • August 2: Washington D.C. – City Center from (825 10th St NW)
  • August 5: New York City – Hudson River Park (12th Ave)
A mustard bottle held over a hot dog with mustard skittles near a picnic table with a red and white tablecloth

All three pop-ups will run from 11 am to 3 pm. If you miss out on those or the online giveaways you can also keep an eye out for French’s Mustard Skittles—and branded swag—along the East Coast when the “Mustard Mobile” sets out on a multi-stop tour.

It won’t be hard to miss. Just look for a bright yellow custom-designed vintage bus driving around with a giant Mustard Skittle on the roof. French’s will also post a map so you can see where its headed. Whether mustard Skittles tastes like the rainbow will likely remain a mystery, though.

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