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FOUNDATION Announces New Season 2 Cast and Shares First Look

If you haven’t watched  Foundation‘s first season, it’s time to catch up. Because now we have our first look official look at season two, alongside a slew of new Foundation casting news. This futuristic sci-fi series on Apple TV+ had us at the edge of our seats during its first 10 episodes. And we are absolutely ready to blast off into more Lee Pace, Jared Harris, and Foundation as a whole.

Apple TV+ Foundation Season Two First Look and Casting news featuring Lee Pace and Jared Harris
Apple TV+

The above image offers our first glimpse of Foundation‘s season two. We won’t say the most important part is Lee Pace in a fishnet shirt… But we will say, it doesn’t hurt. The show knows how to deliver an aesthetic. And it knows its audience.

A release from Apple TV+ shares:

Based on Isaac Asimov’s award-winning stories, and featuring an international cast led by Harris and Pace, alongside rising stars Lou Llobell and Leah Harvey, the monumental adaptation of “Foundation” chronicles the stories of four crucial individuals transcending space and time as they overcome deadly crises, shifting loyalties and complicated relationships that will ultimately determine the fate of humanity. The Apple Original drama also stars Laura Birn, Terrence Mann and Cassian Bilton.
Leah Harvey getting ready for battle
Apple TV+
Lee Pace in Foundation
Apple TV+
Lou Llobell in a sci-fi ocean
Apple TV+

Joining the original cast in Foundation season two are also 10 new stars. We also have descriptions of their characters that add a bit of context into what next season might entail. (Please note, the three images directly above come from Foundation season one).

Isabella Laughland as Brother Constant, a cheerfully confident claric whose job is to evangelize the Church of the Galactic Spirit across the Outer Reach. Constant is a true believer, whose courage and passion make her hard not to love.

Kulvinder Ghir as Poly Verisof, High Claric of the Church of the Galactic Spirit. Whip-smart and sardonic, he’s also a terrible drunk—intelligent enough to see the path he’s on, but too cynical to change.

Sandra Yi Sencindiver as Enjoiner Rue, the beautiful, politically savvy consigliere to Queen Sareth. A former courtesan to Cleon the 16th, Rue parlayed her status to become a royal counsellor.

Ella-Rae Smith as Queen Sareth of Cloud Dominion. Used to being underestimated, Sareth employs it to her advantage, charming her way into the Imperial Palace with biting wit, all while on a secret quest for revenge.

Dimitri Leonidas as Hober Mallow, a master trader with a sarcastic personality and questionable morals, who is summoned against his will to serve a higher, selfless cause.

Ben Daniels as Bel Roise, the last great general of the Superliminal Fleet and would-be conqueror of the Foundation. Bel is noble to a fault, but his fealty to the Galactic Empire is waning.

Holt McCallany as Warden Jaegger Fount, the current Warden of Terminus and guardian of its citizens against external threats.

Mikael Persbrandt as The Warlord of Kalgan, a monster of a man, coiled with muscle and possessing powerful psychic abilities, and fueled by hate in his quest to take over the galaxy.

Rachel House as Tellem Bond, mysterious leader of the Mentallics.

Nimrat Kaur as Yanna Seldon.

Foundation's world
Apple TV+

It looks like we’ll be seeing many new players in season two. From sarcastic cynics to angry warlords to savvy politicians. The world of Foundation is about to grow even more. And we feel excited about that. After all, the more mysterious leaders and quests for revenge in space, the better. Sci-fi interstellar dramas have always brought us excellent world-building. And we have no doubt season two of Foundation will follow in that tradition.

If you have watched season one already, and feel impatient for more, here’s something to tide you over in the meanwhile.


Lee Pace may not don fishnet in this interview, but he certainly has a lot to say about the show and his character. We can’t wait to hear what he has to say about the show as season two approaches.

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