First Cheese Conveyor Belt Restaurant Opens in London

The simple elegance of sushi conveyor belt restaurants is easy to appreciate. Having a constant stream of maki, sashimi, and nigiri rolling by your table might be as close as we commoners will ever come to experiencing life as Caligula on a good day. It’s decadent, lazy, and completely wonderful. It’s so great it raises an obvious question: why aren’t more foods offered this way? Well one of our favorites is now rolling with this concept, thanks to a first-of-its-kind restaurant that has opened in London. Instead of a never-ending track of unagi and hamachi, it will spin up all the cheese dishes you could dream of.

The Cheese Bar at Seven Dials Market in London’s West End (which we first learned about at Delish) is the world’s first ever cheese conveyor belt restaurant. It offers “25 different cheeses, all sourced from around the UK,” with “each paired with individual condiments & small producer wines.” Like a sushi conveyor belt restaurant, different colored plates let diners know the price range for any dish they might choose. Dishes on the conveyer belt range between £2.95 ($3.64) and £6.10 ($7.52). There are also some non-belt menu items available, but who has the energy to read a menu and then order when you can live like Jabba the Hutt?

You can check out the full dining options—which included pasteurized, unpasteurized, thermized, and vegetarian rennet cheese dishes—at the restaurant’s official site. However, The Cheese Bar says their “produce is seasonal, and everything is made in-house, therefore dishes are subject to availability,” so it might not be exactly the same when you go. And if you do be aware the restaurant does not take reservations either; they only accept walk-ins, and there’s a one hour time limit for diners.

We’re not going to complain about that though. If someone didn’t make us get up and walk away from a never-ending belt of cheese we might actually turn into Caligula, and that’s no joke. We know what we’re like at a sushi conveyor belt restaurant.

Featured Image: The Cheese Bar

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