Costco is Selling a Giant Cheese Wedding Cake

Marriage isn’t for everyone, not even some married people. But you know what is? Cheese. Costco is giving you and your dairy soul mate a way to turn your special day into a celebration of both your loves with a massive cheese wedding cake.

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A must for cheese heads!

The retail giant’s enormous new Sid Wainer & Son Cheese Lover Artisan Wedding Cake (that we first got a whiff of at Foodbeast) is a five-tiered, 24-pound dream for dairy aficionados everywhere.

“Comprised of gourmet cheeses sourced from around the world, the Cheese Lover Celebration Cake is a striking and delicious alternative to a classic centerpiece, cake, or cheese board. Simply decorate with flowers, ribbons, or edible garnishes tailored to your own color scheme for an unforgettable addition to your next dining event. This is also a tasty substitute to a traditional wedding cake and perfect for any formal event.”
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Cheesessembly Required

The easily assembled cake, which they say must be refrigerated immediately until needed, includes eight pounds of Red Leicester (“similar to an English Cheddar”), seven pounds of Danish Blue (“subtle and tangy with only mild bleu cheese flavor”), five pounds of Murcia al Vino (“drunken goat cheese”), three pounds of Tuscan Sheep’s Cheese (“traditional Tuscan sheep’s milk cheese”), and 17 ounces of Brillat Savarin Triple Cream Brie (“luscious triple cream brie from the Normandy region of France.”) Such an array of artisanal cheeses comes with a wedding cake price though, retailing for $439.99.

That seems like a reasonable price tag. What makes less sense, though, is this is expected to serve between 105 and 150 people. Uh, have you ever seen what happens to the regular cheese cake at weddings? People are food monsters at any sort of function. Whether this is purchased for birthdays celebrations, a Bat Mitzvah, or a quiet night alone at home (don’t judge us), everyone loves cheese.

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Cheese is like marriage, but better. Not only is it warm, delicious, and always there for you, you don’t need a divorce attorney if you’ve had enough of it.

Images: Costco

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