Costco Now Selling $900 Wheel of Parmesan Cheese

You go to Costco for two reasons: 1) sample free food while trying not to get overrun by people who have apparently never eaten before and 2) buy things in bulk. That’s what Costco offers and damn if it isn’t a fine system. Sometimes though, even their oversized items are oversized, like when they sold a 24-pound, five-tiered cheese wedding cake, for couples who really love both each other and lactose. That giant matrimony delight looks quaint though compared to their newest dairy product, which you can either eat or use to replace a flat tire. Costco is now selling a massive, 72-pound monster wheel of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese. And while it might look delicious, it comes with a price tag to match its heft.

Costco Now Selling $900 Wheel of Parmesan Cheese_1
Image: Costco

“Made with the freshest milk from the famous Parma and Reggio Emilio provinces,” and “brushed completely and regularly inspected to comply with the strict standards of the Consortium Parmigiano Reggiano,” this 24-month aged piece of hard cheesy goodness, which we first learned about at Delish, comes imported from Italy. Only cheese made in the Parma region can legally get the Parmesan designation, so don’t worry about buying 72 pounds of imitation Parmesan. This is the real, very big deal.


No matter how much you want to eat a hole through the center of this wheel so you can walk around with an edible cheese scarf around your neck (and boy do we ever), this is probably meant more for restaurants than personal use. At least, that’s what a reasonable person would say. But why does anyone have to be reasonable about cheese?

Oh, yeah, the price, that’s why. Because at $12.50 a pound this wheel rolls in at a crisp $899.99 (which at least includes shipping). What’s more impressive sounding? A 72-pound wheel of cheese or a $900 wheel of cheese?


Of course there’s one thing that would make this giant hunk of cheese the perfect Costco item—if we got to sample it in store first.

Featured Image: Costco

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