The Final VOLTRON Trailer Wants to Save All of Existence

The fight never ends. Except, well, yeah, okay actually it does. But that’s only because Voltron: Legendary Defender is approaching its final season, and with it a brand new trailer. Season 7 brought the fight with the remnants of the Galra Empire to Earth, with the paladins of Voltron lost in time and space, and only their wits (and some pretty killer tech) to survive. But it ended on a pretty high note. Our heroes beat Sendak’s forces with the help of the massive transforming ship, the Atlas, and saved Earth, but also had to fight a mysterious new mech. We have a pretty good idea it’s the work of Haggar, and the season 8 trailer seems to suggest the same.[brightcove video_id=”5973213041001″ brightcove_account_id=”3653334524001″ brightcove_player_id=”rJs2ZD8x”]The trailer starts by giving each of the paladins a moment to reiterate where they’ve come from, and what their journey has been, including Pidge’s dogged search for her family and Keith’s revelations about his own. We then get tiny clips of the fight to come, with a shot of Haggar firing quintessence energy at a group of coalition members, and a quick shot toward the end of Honerva, the person Haggar was before quintessence poisoning. I’m going to bet this is from the final fight scene, but I also am often wrong. The trailer finishes with Allura saying what may go down as my favorite quote of the new season: “This is our only chance to save all of existence.” I mean, can you get more dire than that? Could the stakes get any higher? Forget Earth, forget any of the other planets and people we’ve met in the journey with Voltron: all of existence is in peril. Anything that ever happened or ever will. That’s…that’s some heavy stuff, you guys.The final season of Voltron: Legendary Defender drops December 14 on Netflix. And until then, why not listen to episodes of Form Podcast?

Image: DreamWorks/Netflix

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