Up Your Dinner Party Game with This HARRY POTTER Set

Looking for the perfect vessels to serve up your Canary Creams and pour your pumpkin juice (or, if you’re feeling like something a bit heavier, firewhisky)? We’ve got you covered. ThinkGeek just rolled out a dinnerware set fit for any Harry Potter fan, and it’s almost subtle enough that a Muggle wouldn’t catch on the moment they saw it. Almost.The set includes a large dinner plate, a small dessert plate, a sizable bowl, and a nine ounce cup. The plates and bowl feature a pattern of cauldrons, keys, Golden Snitches (skewing closer to bronze this time), frogs, spiders, hourglasses, brooms, and, naturally, the Hogwarts house animals (a badger, a raven, a snake, and a lion).The same pattern adorns the cup, as does the eerie portent of death, the Grim. It’s not the first thing you’d expect–or want–to see at the bottom of your bowl of minestrone, but it’s a nice touch nonetheless.Each piece is safe for dishwashing and microwaving, which is great news for people who are fans of the franchise but can’t perform magic and for people who, like me, are a little bit reckless when it comes to dinnerware. And, given that they’re ceramic, they still look sleek. The sets are only available on ThinkGeek and GameStop for $39.99—not bad for all you’re getting. With the major gift-giving holidays right around the corner, the set could be an outside-the-box gift for the Potter lover who’s getting sick of scarves and being burned by Bernie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans.Is there any possible Harry Potter merch you want to see that doesn’t yet exist? Let us know in the comments!

Images: ThinkGeek

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