Family Recreates Classic Star Tours for Kid’s Birthday Party

Long before Galaxy’s Edge, Star Tours was the premiere Star Wars-themed attraction in the Disney theme parks. But the Star Tours that folks ride on today is very different from the experience that they had for the attraction’s first two decades. Instead of multiple destinations, it was always one trip to the forest moon of Endor, with a dangerous Death Star detour in the way. And it wasn’t in 3D.

Now, one very cool set of parents have recreated the original 1987 version of Disney’s Star Tours in their garage, all as a part of their young daughter Indy’s eighth birthday party. And they pulled out all the stops for “ Disneyland at Home for Indy’s Birthday.” You can watch the full video of their DIY classic Star Tours right here. As Rex the robot pilot used to say, “Lightspeed to Endor!”

Indy’s family left no detail overlooked. Their version of the Starspeeder 3000 is painted in the original blue and white color scheme. And all the pre-boarding sounds are identical to the classic version. They even found a Rex toy to serve as the pilot. Of course, the original film footage is used. As if recreating the ride experience wasn’t enough, Indy’s family included a post-ride show with Darth Vader himself. So are these the best parents ever?

The DIY recreation of the original Star Tours, created for a little girl's 8th birthday party.

Disneyland at Home for Indy’s Birthday

As much fun as the kids were having in the homemade Disney experience, you can tell by the look on his face that one of the kids’ dads was the one really having the best time. We’re sure that for him, it was a nostalgia trip the little ones can never fully understand. They’ve only ever known the modern version of Star Tours. And as cool as Star Tours: The Adventure Continues is, there was something truly magical about that first version. And we’re happy that it lives on, even if it’s just for one little girl’s birthday party.

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