Take a 360°, 4K Trip on the Original STAR WARS Star Tours Disney Attraction

“I know this is probably your first flight, and it’s mine, too!”

Those memorable words from RX-24, a.k.a. Captain Rex, kicked off the original version of Disney Parks‘ original Star Wars Star Tours attraction. The themed ride debuted at Disneyland in 1987 and was Disney‘s first foray into licensing intellectual property from other companies. You boarded a StarSpeeder 3000 and tried to get to Endor, but the flight didn’t follow its itinerary. Instead, it got a bit side-tracked. And by a bit, I mean guests found themselves in the middle of the Battle of Yavin, stuck in the Death Star trench run. Oops.

[mpx_video type=”alpha” guid=”Qv_hUEWHSwQuAv7Nbwd7uI8OkdmmTw4z”] Though Star Tours was replaced in 2011 with the revamped Star Tours: The Adventures Continue, it has a special place in the hearts of Disney and Star Wars fans alike. Though the memory is fuzzy around the edges, Star Tours was my first exposure to the galaxy far, far away. And now, I can relive it in 360-degree, 4K glory thanks to Gregory Noacco, also known on YouTube as TimeKeeper XCII. Watch:
I encountered the video through a friend on Twitter and was floored to see how Noacco re-created the experience from the original attraction. It takes me way back. You can enjoy the immersive experience on your computer, but if you have a virtual reality headset, you can experience Star Tours in an up close and personal fashion–which is the best way to go. Learn more about optimizing your viewing experience via your browser, mobile device, or VR mode at Noacco’s website.

Do you recall the first time you rode Star Tours? Share your memory with me in the comments.

Featured Image:  Gregory Noacco

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