$15,000 SAILOR MOON Jimmy Choo Boots Are Shiny and Absurd

“Moon Prism Power, Make Up!” If you’re Sailor Moon, becoming a guardian of love and justice comes easy. You shout the words and twirl off as ribbons of light surround you and leave you dressed in a perfectly fabulous outfit for fighting evil. For the rest of us, achieving that kind of transformation is a little bit more complicated and expensive. Jimmy Choo wants us to live our best Sailor Moon lives with a pair of truly exquisite knee-high, fuchsia boots designed to celebrate the Guardian of the Moon herself. But these Jimmy Choo Sailor Moon boots do not come cheap. In fact, they’ll set you back $15,000.

Sailor Moon Jimmy Choo boots that cost 15000 dollars
Jimmy Choo

Although these Jimmy Choo Sailor Moon boots may be some of the prettiest pieces of nerdy fashion we’ve seen out there, we can’t deny that the price tag on them is astronomical. It’s out of this world. It’s so high it reaches the moon itself.

Jimmy Choo shares more about the design for the boots. It notes, they were “inspired by main character Sailor Moon/Usagi Tsukino’s iconic wardrobe.”

The company notes:

Exquisitely crafted from approximately 19,000 Swarovski crystals and cast in a hot fuchsia hue, these knee-high designs take statement style to another level; speaking to both Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon and Jimmy Choo’s emphasis on fantasy, glamour and their desire to empower women across the globe, priced at $15,000.
All the Sailor Scouts including Sailor Moon with a clear shot at her boots
Toei Animation

19,000 crystals is a big number of crystals. We would love to see these Sailor Moon boots in person because they’d definitely glitter like crazy. And we have no doubt we’d feel pretty unstoppable wearing them. Although, it would probably make sense to leave them at home if we have to fight evil. No one needs a crystal falling off mid-battle.

If anyone does have $15,000 lying around for a pair of bespoke Sailor Moon Jimmy Choo boots, the designer encourages you to get in touch with their team. In the meanwhile, we’ll be buying a lot of crystals and getting our hot glue gun out. It’s not quite the same as shouting magic words or being brought a magical pair from a luxury designer, but if Sailor Moon teaches us anything it’s that love and determination win out. Thanks for the Sailor Moon fashion inspiration, Jimmy Choo.

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