Dua Lipa Transforms Into Sailor Moon in New Music Video

Move over Princess Serenity because Princess Dua Lipa has taken the stage. Recently, the singer released an animated music video for her hit song “Levitating.” But this isn’t just any animation. No, Dua Lipa has created a Sailor Moon-themed music video for “Levitating.” The results reveal Dua Lipa as the newest Sailor Scout.

It makes sense for “Levitating” to take on this celestial imagery. The song is filled with cosmic imagery. For example, Dua Lipa sings, “I got you, moonlight, you’re my starlight.” And “Levitating” has lyrics such as “I see us written in the stars.” The dreamy Sailor Moon would absolutely love this song.

Sailor Moon fans can also spy dozens of tiny Easter eggs. For instance, Serenity’s favorite color, pink, is on full display. Additionally, Dua Lipa has a makeup mirror with a heart on the top. This looks very similar to the compact that Sailor Moon uses to transform.

Dua Lipa Sailor Moon Music Video - pink compact mirror on table

Dua Lipa

Close-up shots of Dua Lipa’s hands also ring familiar to anime fans. But, most overtly, Dua Lipa undergoes a transformation sequence exactly out of the Sailor Moon book. Although one would expect to hear the strains of the familiar Sailor Moon theme accompanying the images, it’s a different kind of fun to listen to a modern pop song. And especially cool to see something nostalgic still be so exciting. All in all, we absolutely love this homage to Sailor Moon

An animated hand gestures in Dua Lipa's Sailor Moon-inspired music video

Dua Lipa

Sailor Moon side by side with Dua Lipa Sailor Moon Music Video - two women in front of the moon

Toei Animation/Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa worked with animator NOSTALOOK on this video. And, indeed, Dua Lipa’s Sailor Moon music video brims with nostalgia. It perfectly recaptures Sailor Moon‘s animation style. The animator shared on Twitter that they were trying to capture the retro atmosphere of ’80s animation. A job they did perfectly. We would love to see more future homages in this vein. And we hope Princess Dua Lipa can defeat every evil in her way. Moon Power Pop Prism!

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