Ethan Hawke Is Not Phased by the Internet’s MOON KNIGHT Theories

Ethan Hawke is a supremely chill guy. So much so that he’ll answer Moon Knight theories on TV without breaking a sweat. Not bad for an actor who’s largely avoided blockbuster films throughout his decades-long career. The First Reformed actor recently stopped by  The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, to talk about the upcoming MCU series. And since this is a Marvel project, there are a whole lot of theories floating around. So naturally, Fallon decided to run a few Moon Knight theories by Hawke. And his responses to said theories are both thoughtful and hilarious.

(The segment begins around the six-minute mark.) Fallon asks Hawke for his reaction to a trio of theories, including whether Hulk or Blade will appear. And, of course, whether his character, Arthur Harrow, is actually Dracula. Hawke doesn’t blink when shooting down a theory or jokingly confirming another.

It’s charming to see Hawke look so nonchalant when answering questions about Moon Knight. Maybe the suave blue suit serves as a confidence boost. But frankly, Hawke strolls onto every talk show with the same energy. There’s a lot of pressure for the MCU stars to keep their projects and any related spoilers on lock. And some are better than others—famously so. But it’s good to see the MCU and its probably iron-clad NDAs not fazing Ethan Hawke in the slightest.

Moon Knight's Ethan Hawke talks to Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

While he’s dabbled in bigger budget films over the course of his decades-long career, Hawke’s largely gravitated towards indie movies. (And is always brilliant in them.) It’s what made it so surprising when he decided to join the biggest franchise on the globe. But for Hawke, it all came down to Oscar Isaac—literally.

The Reality Bites star shared that he bumped into Isaac while getting coffee with his daughter, Stranger Things‘ Maya Hawke. From there, the deal came together in a single day. Isaac told him about the Moon Knight part and asked if Hawke wanted to be the villain. By the end of the day, Kevin Feige formally offered him the role. How casual.

Knowing that Isaac’s passion for Moon Knight convinced Hawke to join without reading a script definitely has us excited to see the pair face off. The series debuts on Disney+ on March 30.

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