ENDLESS QUEST Sends Listeners on a Solo D&D Adventure

Ah, the age old problem: what to do when you’re itching for a good D&D adventure but there are no Dungeon Masters around? While you could find a group to play with online, there’s a faster solution for those times when you just want to walk on the streets of Waterdeep or explore the jungles of Chult. (Which is often.)

Endless Quest, originally written as a series of six page-turning Choose Your Own Adventure style books for kids, is now available as an audiobook series! Narrated expertly and accompanied by sound effects and music, the Endless Quest audiobooks are sure to make you feel like you’re sitting at the table for the D&D adventure you’ve been hoping for. And, best of all! If you have a valid library card, you might be able to listen to them for free right now.

Endless Quest

Wizards of the Coast / Dreamscape Media

Much like the Choose Your Own Adventure stories of your childhood, Endless Quest doesn’t mess around. You might meet your grisly end at the hands of familiar Dungeons & Dragons foes like Strahd von Zarovich in Castle Ravenloft or Halaster Blackcloak in the Undermountain. You could be stepped on by a giant, or fall prey to zombies, or… actually survive.

But it all remains appropriate for young readers ages 8 and up. Although they might want you to go on the journey with them. Together you’ll listen to the prompts to jump to the pertinent chapter to hear the consequences of your decisions. It’s just as easy to skip back and try another option, much like you did when holding the pages in place with a finger. You know, just in case things don’t work out how you wanted.

The Endless Quest audiobooks are available on Amazon, Apple iBooks, Audible, and Google Play now. You’ll also find them on hoopla digital, which offers free audiobook checkout for people with library cards in good standing. Simply create an account and select your library, and you might find new epic quests at your fingertips.

Cleric, rogue, wizard, or warrior–who would you choose first? Tell us in the comments.

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Featured Image: Wizards of the Coast / Dreamscape Media

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