Elijah Wood Is Prepared to Fight Daniel Radcliffe to Reclaim His Identity

The internet has long clung to and obsessed over the strange resemblance shared by actors Daniel Radcliffe and Elijah Wood. Though the two men couldn’t be more different, you’ve got to admit that they can sometimes look startlingly similar. And honestly, the more the two actors complain about consistently being mistaken for the other, the stronger this obsession with the phenomenon gets.

As Vulture reports, Elijah Wood went on Conan to discuss his fascinations (and fatigue) with the mistaken identity problem, expressing how baffling it is to him that we still talk about their similar looks and still mistake one for the other. He also admitted to almost putting an end to the entire affair in the only way an adventuring hobbit would know how: a debate followed by a boxing match.If you’ve never heard of the Fantastic Debates, they’re a weirdly magical Fantastic Fest tradition wherein two individuals debate and then box one another. It turns out there was a Wood/Radcliffe showdown that very nearly happened at this year’s fest until Wood put the kibosh on the whole affair. To Wood, it didn’t feel like it would stop the internet-imposed identity crisis, only fuel it.

However, after a bit of encouragement from  Conan O’Brien and Andy Richter, it seems like Wood is ready to take the ring against The Boy Who Lived. Conan and Andy suggested a huge spectacle, live on Pay-Per-View—Frodo versus Harry. Wood seemed to be a bit more amenable to the idea, especially after Andy suggested Wood go into the ring with his giant hobbit feet and a sword against Radcliffe armed with nothing but a wand. An unfair fight, perhaps, but it’d be hilarious to watch.

So will we see the two doppelgängers face off? We can only hope, for we know that order will never truly be restored among the world of hobbits, men, and wizards, until The One Hobbit Who Lived steps forth victorious.

Would you watch Radcliffe and Wood fight? Tell us what you’d think of such a crazy spectacle in the comments!

Feature Image: New Line Cinema

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