Edible Perfume for You and Your Ice Cream

Salt & Straw is upping their fancy ice cream game with edible perfume. Yep, perfume you can spray on your ice cream or on your body. So now you can smell like your favorite flavors. And so can the ice cream itself, because apparently it has no scent. File this under “problems we didn’t know we had.” According to the company, “The ingredients within ice cream might be fragrant but, at such low temperatures, the chemicals that would normally make our olfactory sensors sing are essentially frozen in ice.” 

So we’ve been missing out on the full flavor of ice cream this whole time. Never again, says Salt & Straw. The three varieties of edible perfume go on sale July 17, 2022, which is National Ice Cream Day. Mark your calendars for that important holiday. A bottle goes for $65, or you can get a sampler pack for $48. Another option: you can add it as an ice cream topping in the store for 50 cents. 

Perfume being sprayed on ice cream and also a person's wrist
Salt & Straw

Below are the flavor/scent descriptions provided by Salt & Straw. Try to imagine them paired with some of the company’s truly fascinating ice cream flavor combinations. Like cinnamon with honey fried chicken, pear and blue cheese, or baked brie and fig cheesecake.

A Cloud of Cocoa: Like stepping into the back kitchen of your favorite old-world bakery. Rich and robust, combining a luxurious smoky warmth with malty cocoa.

A Plume of Blooms: Playful, yet enchantingly alluring. Honeysuckle and jasmine intertwine, evoking a euphoric spell of untamed blossoms in late spring.

A Swoon of Citrus: A bright invitation to sun-soaked days. Both intense and subtle, energizingly juicy, tart citrus is balanced by an herbal nuance. 

A bowl of ice cream next to three bottles of perfume
Salt & Straw

Add this to interesting perfume news alongside Eau de Space and the French fry-scented Frites by Idaho.  

And you’re not alone if you never noticed ice cream has no scent. I certainly didn’t, which probably means I should stock up and conduct some tests. For science, of course.

Melissa is Nerdist’s science & technology staff writer. She also moderates “science of” panels at conventions and co-hosts Star Warsologies, a podcast about science and Star Wars. Follow her on Twitter @melissatruth. 

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