Early DOCTOR SLEEP Reactions Praise Return to Overlook Hotel

When fans first heard there was going to be a sequel to Stanley Kubrick’s adaptation of The Shining, it’s fair to say that a lot of people were very skeptical. Sure, it was based on King’s own follow up novel Doctor Sleep. But the 1980 Kubrick film is considered by many to be one of the greatest and most terrifying horror films ever made. Well, considered great by everyone but Stephen King himself — but that’s a whole other can of worms.

Could Doctor Sleep’s director Mike Flanagan be the one to please both fans of the book and the Kubrick film? According to early social media reactions….it most certainly seems like he has. With the social media embargo now lifted, early viewers now have a chance to reveal just what they though of maybe the most anticipated horror movie of the year. And so far, everyone seems to be pretty pleased!

Our very own Kyle Anderson claims that Rebecca Ferguson has joined the pantheon of great horror icons. I predict a lot Rose cosplay at conventions in the very near future.

Best King adaptation since Shawshank? Ok, that’s a big Whoa. High praise indeed.

It seems the recreation of scenes from Kubrick’s film are pretty spot on, although the trailers already gave that part away.

Horror director (and Doctor Strange helmer) Scott Derickson also had some pretty high praise.

More love for Ferguson, but also Ewan McGregor as the adult Danny Torrance.

With so many Stephen King adaptations lately, it would seem like Doctor Sleep might get lost in the shuffle. Instead, it seems to rise to the top.

At least one early viewer seems the movie lacks enough memorable scares, but still enjoys it overall.

All of this is enough to squash one’s cynicism and start booking their rooms at the Overlook Hotel. It seems our new master of horror is Mike Flanagan. Now, where do we sign up for his decades later follow up to Salem’s Lot?

Images: Warner Brothers

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