New DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Adventure Is Wheelchair Accessible

Dungeons & Dragons is a vast fantasy world where almost anything is possible. Which is why we’re extra happy about this latest development, as it works accessibility into the mix. The upcoming Dungeons & Dragons book Candlekeep Mysteries—published by Wizards of the Coast—includes a wheelchair accessible adventure. We first covered the book when it was announced on January 12, and we just learned even more exciting information via Polygon.

The collection is a series of unconnected storylines. (As opposed to a single campaign.) Each entry serves as a one-shot, or an adventure suitable for one gameplay session. According to Dungeons & Dragons‘ principal story designer, Chris Perkins, “Each adventure is built on the premise of the characters finding a book.” As they discover the books, they are set on an adventure to solve a mystery contained within.

The cover of Dungeons & Dragons adventure book Candlekeep Mysteries.Wizards of the Coast

The team behind the new Dungeons & Dragons book includes Graeme Barber, Kelly Lynne D’Angelo, Alison Huang, Mark Hulmes, and more. Jennifer Kretchmer—an actor and producer who’s part of the Silver & Steel actual-play group—previously created the Accessibility in Gaming resource and is a Candlekeep Mysteries contributor.

“This is not something that’s new to tabletop gaming, or new to D&D, but it was important to me to make accessibility part of my dungeons,” Kretchmer told Polygon. “As an ambulatory wheelchair user, I wanted people to have the opportunity to see themselves represented in-game. We have the ability in fantasy to imagine things. We don’t have to pay to make those accommodations. This is something we can imagine in our brains, and it’s there. So it’s something that was really important to me to put in, into my design.”

The subject of accessibility in tabletop RPGs also came up last year. Sara Thompson is a designer and consultant who created the Combat Wheelchair, a Dungeons & Dragons supplement available online.

We’re always thrilled to see accessibility discussed, especially in regards to major properties like Dungeons & Dragons. Candlekeep Mysteries is available this March 16.

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