Combat Wheelchair Celebrates Inclusion in D&D Games

“Anyone can be an adventurer,” begins the description for The Combat Wheelchair, a free supplement for any Dungeons & Dragons game that celebrates inclusion and diversity. Designer Sara Thompson has created an item that not only adds mobility for any spellcaster or fighter who needs it, but can also pack a mean punch in combat. The thoughtful design doesn’t miss a single detail. And did we mention it even has its own range of incredible minis you can order right now?

Strata Miniatures

Strata Miniatures

The Combat Wheelchair gives a new dimension to character creation to add more representation to the fantasy role-playing game. It’s not intended to “fix” a disabled character. Thompson took care to clearly explain why the item isn’t unbalancing for a D&D game or campaign. “This chair was never created to make a disabled character ‘better’ than an able-bodied character,” she wrote. “It was made to enable characters with disabilities to go adventuring the same as an able-bodied character.”

The wheelchair is portable, powered by Beacon Stones created by artificers in place of a motor, and falls under the effects of spells casters use on themselves. It also comes with a bag of equipment, similar to an adventurer’s starting pack of tools and useful items, that fits into the chair itself. It can also be used to ram, strike, or crush an enemy in melee range during combat. Take a look at the complete rules for actions, upgrades and optional features, and even an accompanying character background.

Miniature sculptors Russ Charles and Thomas Lishman worked with Thompson and Strata Miniatures to bring the Combat Wheelchair to life–in mini form. (Just look at the details on the wheels!)

You can 3-D print or order a printed miniature right now on the Strata Miniatures website. For more info about Thompson and her RPG and disability supplements, you can check her out here.

Note: The rules were updated to version 3.0 on August 28, 2021.

Featured Image: Strata Miniatures

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