Spirit Halloween Launching DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Costume Line

D&D Live 2020 is packed with power players and huge product announcements, but this might be the one we’re most excited about. Dungeons & Dragons and Spirit Halloween have joined forces for a new collaboration for officially licensed costumes and merchandise! Whether it’s Halloween, your favorite convention, or just game night, you’ll find the perfect D&D costume and accessories at Spirit Halloween online and in stores.

Three models wear wizard, knight, and archer costumes.

Wizards of the Coast/Spirit Halloween

(If you do wear one of these costumes to D&D night, please share photos.)

Dress up as three classic D&D characters with this new Spirit Halloween collection: the instantly recognizable Dungeon Master from the D&D cartoon, and Catti-brie and Drizzt Do’Urden of the Forgotten Realms. Created with the input of the D&D team, each costume is detailed and authentic but still affordably priced from $49.99 to $59.99. (We’re fans of the studded leather look for Drizzt.)

Each costume also has accompanying accessories, including foam and plastic weapons for Drizzt and Cattie-brie and the requisite bald head of the Dungeon Master.

Two blades, a bow, a pouch of arrows, and a notebook.

Wizards of the Coast/Spirit Halloween

You’ll also find a few other goodies in the online store, including the coziest map of Waterdeep ever made, a leather journal with pen, and a unique coffee mug. “We partnered with local players to develop unique items inspired directly from the gamers’ experience, focused on becoming part of the D&D fan’s game night like our unique Dragon Stein and Leather Journal,” says Spirit Halloween in a press release.

All Dungeons & Dragons items are now available on the website for pre-order with shipping expected later this summer.

Don’t forget to tune in to D&D Live for days of star-studded adventure, more exciting announcements, and fun! You’ll find it happening right now on Twitch.

Featured Image: Wizards of the Coast/Spirit Halloween

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